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Fences in Anaheim

We provide and install wood, vinyl, aluminum, steel, composite, and glass fences. We install in the ground, on slabs, and on top of walls.

vinylpatiocover_cs2d-300x225Fences provide partitions between residences, and give either privacy or openness depending upon what is necessary. For example, openness could be desired to due the view of the pool or surrounding area. Pool or sprinkler water and the moisture in the air in our area allows steel to rust and deteriorate, so for openness the best remedy is aluminum or vinyl. Steel fencing is frequently called “wrought iron”, but that is misleading because wrought iron will not corrode, while mild steel unquestionably does. Aluminum fences have a small profile identical to steel while vinyl fences will have larger supports or outlines. Either aluminum and vinyl are good materials around swimming pools since they do not deteriorate or necessitate painting even when exposed to a great deal of moisture. Darker colors are not available in vinyl.

For solid fences, vinyl or composites are best because they do not rot or decompose. White is common for vinyl, but we carry an exceptionally good looking tan vinyl with a texture making it distinct from the commonly produced material.

Another pool fence alternative is a detachable fence similar to the style manufactured by “Baby-loc”. Their type employs a netted material to keep a child out and needs either aluminum or fiberglass poles that are placed into fittings exactly located in a concrete slab. Finally, there is a separate dog guard fence system that initiates a shocking device on a dog collar. If the dog tries to cross an invisible fence line set by a buried wire the dog will be prevented by a minimal shock.
Glass fences and rails are a final choice, and they must be custom built.

Patio Covers in Anaheim

Pierce Construction & Repair delivers and mounts patio covers which are either water proof or for shade. For waterproofed patio covers, we utilize metal, Alumawood, and wood. For shade covers, we utilize vinyl, wood, or canvas. Wood framing with roofing could be built, however this is costly. Shade patios, when made of wood, necessitate painting which is a big maintenance drawback, so to reduce maintenance, Alumawood or vinyl patio covers are recommended.

Over half of the patio covers designed for clients in Orange County are designed for shade and involve lattice (2x2s) set evenly across the top. If the shade 2x2s are painted wood, they will need repainting in several years. This is very complicated, time consuming and expensive. That is why, Alumawood or vinyl is advised for patio covers. On the other hand, because we get morning precipitation and a minimal amout rain, solid water proof covers are also popular. In the case of a second story deck, the same rule is relevant in that a water proof lid protects both the furnishings beneath, as well as, the actual building itself. Structural protection leads to a reduction in maintenance and repairs.

Dry-rot is the main culprit to wood damage in our area, not termites. Termites can be killed, but dry-rot is a fungus and it continues to reproduce and ruin wood. It has to be either cut out or removed. Dry-rot will strike if water is left to accumulate in an place that doesn’t dry up rapidly. This can be on top of level beams, but particularly between wood joints. On substructures, we’d rather use chemically treated “Green” wood which resists dry-rot. From time to time we encase substructure support members with vinyl or roofing paper to safeguard the supporting wood from rainwater. We especially like to keep the designs simple by minimizing the ornate trim or moldings that create cracks and spaces for moisture to get into and attack the wood. Lots of homeowners allow debris to build up so that the debris actually contacts support wood for either fences or patios. When rainwater, or water from a sprinkler is left to accumulate at a support base, it virtually guarantees that the wood support will rot out.

As a different choice, canvas awnings can be very charming and functional for creating protection from the elements. Sunesta carries a variety of types and numerous colored fabrics. Awnings also come in stationary, or with the option of opening and closing either with a manual crank or with the aid of a motor.