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Historically in Orange County, the method employed in building a patio cover for the purpose of creating shade was to use wooden 2x2s set an equal distance apart. There are many of these in the county and almost all of them need painting. The problem with this design it is next to impossible to sand/scrap and prep the wood to paint. Therefore, painting is not done, but when required, this task is very expensive. Our solution to the problem is to build the shade cover out of either vinyl or aluminum. Both products carry a lifetime warranty and both look very nice. From a cost standpoint the aluminum normally is a little cheaper. This is partially done by the fact that it is so light and it is fully engineered for high wind conditions and come in every possible size. Thus, no engineering fees are ever involved and because it is so lightweight the engineering allows us to set it on slabs without requiring a footing. We have done both as the pictures demonstrate.